Here’s How You Can Become More Cultured

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Every one of us has a friend who can strike a conversation with anyone. They go beyond the mundane small talk and initiate riveting discussions. And their ability to do so can be credited to being cultured. They are well-read, well-travelled, unprejudiced and informed. Art, music, history- there is so much life has to offer. And a person with refined taste immerses themselves in a diverse pool.

In order to become a well-rounded person, you must grow culturally in every facet of life. Don’t know where to begin? Check out our guide to become more cultured.


There’s no better way to learn more about a culture than experience it. Make it a goal to travel as much as you can. Whenever you visit a new place, look beyond the tourist attractions. If possible, stay with a local and try to see the world from their eyes.

Visit Art Galleries & Museums

Art is moving and transformative. Even if you think art is not for you, take a trip down to your local art galleries or museum. You’ll be surprised to find out how much fun it can be! From there, it would be helpful if you visit the best museum in the world.

Read Classic and Historical Books

Reading more will expose you to a variety of ideologies, concepts and learn about history. You should add classics and historical books to your reading list. Try to read up on the history of countries beyond your own. For instance, you can include the best books of Indian history in your collection. You can easily buy Indian books online.

Watch Thought-Provoking Movies

While there’s no harm in indulging in rom-coms and blockbusters, it will only grow your pop culture knowledge. You need to develop a taste for documentaries and thought-provoking movies. You can start by watching Academy Award-nominated movies.

Try New Cuisines

Being a picky eater is the antithesis of being culturally enriched. Apart from popularly available cuisines, look for lesser-known ethnic cuisine in your area. This is perhaps one of the most enjoyable ways to learn more about other cultures.

Grow Your Music Library

It’s totally fine to enjoy pop music, but there is a whole other world of music beyond that. Don’t deprive yourself of ingenious sounds and rhythms. Add music from different countries to your library.

Know Art, Sculpture & Architecture

You should be familiar with the greatest paintings, sculptures and architecture.

Learn About Different Religions

Take out time to know about the world’s major religions. Learn about their basic teachings, symbols, values, institutions and so on.

Go to Theatre, Ballet or Musicals

While it’s difficult to beat the convenience of streaming a show, there’s nothing quite like watching a live performance. Attend plays, musicals and ballet performances.

Being culturally educated in a continuous, evolving process. Hopefully, these tips guide you to enhance your cultural knowledge.

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534 points

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