Encourage positive affirmations between students in your classroom

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Positive affirmations, which are words and phrases that acknowledge positive aspects of a child’s personality or behaviour in a classroom setting, can be used to help children feel better about themselves. Positive affirmations can be used in a classroom to create a positive atmosphere and enhance children’s self-perceptions. Positive affirmations are a way for students to recognize their strengths and to use them to guide them in their behaviour. Example: “I’m kind. I am smart. I’m a hard worker. I’m a leader. If they recite this often, people may find a better outlook on their lives, their character and the potential they have. Positive affirmations are meant to be positive and not negative. This creates happy, motivated children who are proud of their work and appreciate their peers.

What Children Can Do for their self?

Children must move beyond simple statements like “I can do difficult things”, which can make them feel better right now, and instead should tie it to concrete examples of what they have done and what they can do for the future. Your students will learn how to improve their self-esteem and self-reflectivity by focusing on the “why” behind their affirmations. Specificity helps children see their values. If a child affirms that she is smart and then repeats this affirmation over and over, can that help her develop and support her character? What happens when she’s challenged by someone smarter than herself or who performs better at certain tasks? Consider if the child could be drilled down to something like, “I am creative, and I think of unique projects.” Even though I don’t always score well on science tests, this makes me great at science projects. Because I do lots of research to understand the world, I’m smart in science. She is empowering herself to recognize her “smartness” and thereby enhancing her ability to self-reflect on these strengths. This will help her to have a healthier self-esteem.

A Strength Worksheet is a simple way to teach students how they can self-evaluate and discover their strengths. Students are asked to choose from a variety of strengths or another strength when filling out a strength worksheet. Students must then explain why this is a strength, and how it was used. Students can truly dig into their uniqueness and make it a point to provide this extra information.

I am ______ because ____________. This is a strength because___________.

I’m a hard worker. I never give up on my work, even when it is difficult. I continue to study and try new things in order to improve.

This is a strength as I will face many challenges in my later years. It will be hard to do the right things, so it will help me succeed.

What Children Can Do for Peers?

For many reasons, peer-to-peer affirmation can be beneficial. It allows students to learn positive aspects about their character from their peers. It helps students to show kindness and compassion in a class setting. The affirmation helps students to show gratitude and appreciation and encourages them to see the positive in others. The affirmation can also help the student receive it to see aspects of their personality that they might not have appreciated enough. It will allow them to be more self-aware and encourage them to believe in themselves. Specific affirmations are important because they show others that the student has unique qualities that are valuable to their community. It helps us feel valued when others highlight our strengths.

To encourage positive affirmations in others, you can give students a worksheet. Students can be divided into pairs. Students can choose to pair up, randomly assign pairs, or strategically assign pairs. Each student should complete a strengths worksheet to help his or her partner. Next, give them the opportunity to share their thoughts with each other.

Your Strength:______

Why is that important to me?______________

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