Best Ways To Make Learning Fun For Students

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Most people do not like to engage in any learning activity as it requires a lot of mental effort and no fun. When most of us are given a chance to choose between having fun and learning they will choose fun. The word fun can be understood differently by different people but here it simply refers to an activity that stimulates you, an activity that excites you, fills your brain with energy and makes you eager to know more. The following are tips on how to make learning fun and they help in making learning easier.

Make learning practical

There are some lessons that require a practical example to make students understand them. For example in mathematics, fractions can be a problem to many children. However if you use practical examples using real things for instance you can use divide a cake into small halves and quarters as an example. This will go a long way in reminding the students or kids of the lesson than just focussing on numbers and pictures in a text book.

Provide hands on lessons

For students to remember what they have been taught in class it is very important to let them use as many of their senses as possible. For example if they are learning about the different bird species and varieties, it is vital to take outside the classroom for about 30 minutes to see and observe the different birds they can easily identify as a field trip. Such trips enable students to be more observant and creative.

Use of arts and crafts

Both old and young students enjoy being given an opportunity to express themselves freely and display their own creativity. Even the dullest lessons like history, you can let students draw in their own interpretation of what they have learned. You can let some students to even write poems about Harriet Tubman or Napoleon Bonaparte just to make sure that they understood whatever was taught in class.

Use a range of learning materials

Apart from using text books other learning materials can be introduced to make learning more fun. For example a teacher can use newspaper articles to further explain to students, role play activities, music, audio texts, crosswords and puzzles. This will help in making the students remain engaged in whatever is being taught and it will also raise their interest about the topic. You can also ask the students to give suggestions on how they would wish to be taught a particular topic.

Be creative

A teacher can be more creative and imaginative by coming up with creative stories on a particular topic, play roles, give students challenges and also letting students to be also creative. Their participation in class will be more bonafide than just letting them sit and listen. Students enjoy contributing to whatever is being taught therefore give them a chance to contribute to the lesson and this will make the lesson more fun. In summary, learning can be a boring experience to those who don’t know how to make learning fun. But using the above tips, a teacher can make the students enjoy every lesson and they will even remember what they were taught.

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536 points

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