School Uniform And Jewellery

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Pupils are not allowed to wear jewellery because of the risk of loss or injury. This applies to rings of any sort, to earrings, necklaces, wrist bands and chains. A wrist watch may be worn at the owner’s risk but must be removed for all PE activities. We do however accept one plain ball type ear stud in each ear lobe where ears have previously been pierced. If parents decide to allow their children to have their ears pierced, we advise this be done at the start of the long summer holiday only. The pupil may then safely be asked to remove the stud for PE and Games. This action is taken on the advice of the Borough Council following a number of serious accidents in schools around Bedfordshire over the last decade. Should any child have an ear pierced against our advice we then insist their ear is taped up during PE until the hole in the lobe is established. Thereafter it is removed for any PE or Games activity. We do not permit pupils to bring in valuable or desirable items to school. This includes fashion accessories or collector items such as coins, cards, stickers or tokens.


Uniform at Margaret Beaufort is worn by all our children with the full backing of parents. It is a safeguard against the expensive demands of the fashion industry and we therefore ask you to resist all pleas to introduce other elements, no matter what your child may say others are wearing! If you have any doubt, please ask at the school office. Our uniform is


Blazer – With school badge
Navy School Jumper – With school badge
White Shirt
House Tie – Trousers Dark Grey/Black
Grey or Black Socks
Black School Shoes – No trainers or boots

In the summer boys may wear grey or black shorts


Blazer – With school badge
Navy School Jumper* – With school badge
White Shirt (Button up to neck)
House Tie*
Trousers Dark Grey/Black – No flares, hipsters, leggings or jeans
Skirt Dark Grey/Black – Knee length
Tights – Dark grey/black
Socks – Dark grey/black
Jewellery – No rings, chains, necklaces, a watch may be worn at the owners risk, plain ball stud earings may be worn – One in each ear lobe
Make-Up – No make-up allowed
Performing Arts Kit
Black PA shirt – with school badge
Black tracksuit trousers – Plain (girls can wear leggings)
Black School Shoes (sensible ‘school wear’ heels) – No trainers or boots

Having the correct kit for PE is a very important requirement for all pupils.


Physical Education Clothing
Outdoor trainers and football boots
Navy blue shorts – with school badge
Gum Shield
Navy blue football socks (for games) – with school badge
Blue/Red reversible Rugby shirt
Sky blue P.E. shirt – with school badge
Shin pads
Navy blue Track suits (optional) – with school bade


Physical Education Clothing

Outdoor trainers and football boots
Navy blue shorts – With school badge
Gum Shield
Knee length Navy blue socks – With school badge
Sky blue P.E. shirt – With school badge
Shin pads
Navy blue Track suits (optional) – With school badge
Navy blue fleece (optional) – With school badge
[Items of uniform obtainable directly from the school are marked thus. We strongly advise that every possible item is clearly named with a printed tag, sewn initials or indelible marker.

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