How To Choose The Right School for your Child

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Those who wish to avoid student debt problems could take this simple approach: be careful where you go to study. The difference can be vast, in terms of the cost to attend. Consider some of these factors:

The cost difference between four-year colleges courses of study and modular study at community colleges, as well as the difference between private and public universities, can be staggering. Some students have saved five digits by merely going to a community college and then transferring for the remaining two years of the degree.

Online schools offer an interesting choice. Some of them can be less expensive than traditional schools, though this is of course a generalization. Perhaps it could be a good option for the convenience of studying alongside employment, allowing you to earn while you learn.

Look at the lifestyle you’ll lead. College A may have a higher cost of living and require you to change housing, as opposed to College B. These kinds of points can be important from a financial perspective.

Similar to the cost of living addressed in the previous section, some small things can make a big difference. Some of these items can make the true cost of attending a school quite different to the tuition fees alone.

One example is found in books. Many college students dread buying their textbooks as they can be costly. However, there are a few tips that can help make up ground on the cost of going to school:

Buy Used:

With the proliferation of websites specializing in this area, you no longer have to pay top-dollar for your books.

Sell Back:

With the presence of buyback programs at some stores, you may get a good offer when selling your books – that way you can recoup some of the expense. Or, you could sell your books via a different textbook dealer or website, if the price is better.


It is more and more common to purchase an electronic textbook for use on your mobile device or computer. You may be able to “rent” it at a discounted price for a limited time; or you can buy it outright.


Some stores that buy used books will offer you a greater value in store credit than the amount they’re prepared to pay in cash. Don’t overlook something as simple as books in your budget. Capitalize on the opportunities to save when you buy, and get the best deal when you sell.

Make a Plan:

One of the most comfortable ways to approach any large purchase is to include it in your plans. If you are saving up for college, or trying to pay off the debt you accrued years ago, setting up a budget is a strong first step. This may involve quite a few different educational considerations. For instance, you may want to fully explore the topic of scholarships and include any potential grants or other financial support in your decision-making process.

Saving up for college is more ideal than trying to find the necessary funds as you go along. Even if you can’t save enough for all of the fees you need, perhaps you could save enough to cover a proportion, thus reducing the amount of student loans you need. Don’t stop looking for new ways to lessen the cost of your college tuition – and the overall cost of getting an education

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