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Apps for education have profoundly impacted how we manage schools and classrooms, as well as how we learn. These apps offer a wealth of information in many formats. These educational apps can serve as a one-stop learning platform allowing you to access many academic areas simultaneously.

Many educational apps are free to access. Some apps are free to download, but you must subscribe or purchase in-app options for advanced features. You can also download fully paid apps by paying a small amount.


Yes, this popular language learning app can be downloaded for free. Duolingo has over 95 courses available in 23 languages, including English, Turkish and Spanish, as well as Russian, Latin, and many more.

Duolingo’s learning system is largely game-based, which makes learning languages enjoyable and more fun. You will be able to better understand the words thanks to the visual elements in the flashcard-like app. This app will help you improve your vocabulary and your speaking skills.


The internet has made the world more connected by allowing people to stay connected. This will continue in the future. In the future, coding knowledge will be a requirement.

Many schools have introduced this subject to students at an early age. SoloLearn app, one of the most popular educational apps, is a great option for students who need extra help or want to learn to code.

SoloLearn offers over 25 programming courses, as well as a library that provides plenty of code learning content. The content is available in a variety of topics and can be used by learners at all levels of knowledge. You can also find new content posted daily to the app.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another educational app that’s free. This online learning platform is ideal for both students and adults looking to enhance their knowledge.

Khan Academy app has over 4000 courses, many of which are based on the NCERT syllabus. You also get a personalized learning library and a free app.

Khan App offers videos, interactive exercises, and articles that provide in-depth learning. Each learner can also access their own personal dashboard to track their progress.


TED, the platform that hosts TED talks from experts from all walks and professions, gives you free access to all its content. You can access over 3000 TED Talk videos based upon different topics. They are all presented by renowned musicians and tech geniuses as well as business giants who have demonstrated their worth in their respective fields.

You can search through the TED Talks library in the app to find the video you want. Subtitles are available in more than 100 languages. The app also allows you to listen to podcasts.

You can use the “surprise me” feature to get video suggestions if you are unsure of which video you should choose. You can also bookmark your favorite videos with the bookmark feature in TED app.


Lumosity, a popular brain training app, is available for free. You can use the app to improve your memory, critical thinking, and flexibility by playing games.

Start with a 10-minute FIT test for free to establish baseline scores and compare yourself to others. You can also find over 40 activities to test your memory, logic, and language skills. You can also create personalised challenges that are tailored to your training habits and preferences.

Lumosity also offers training insights that will help you understand your strengths as well as weaknesses. The app provides you with a gameplay analysis that helps you identify your cognitive patterns.

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528 points

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