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If you are looking to enroll your child to a school in the UK then you need not look beyond Abberley Hall School. The school campus is located in the midst of vast parkland of Worcestershire and offers panoramic view of seven counties. The rural estate in which the school is situated is privately owned. The school can boast of being one of fewer educational institutions that has secure and beautiful environment to educate children of different age groups.

There are many reasons why Abberley Hall School is special. In addition to all modern day facilities that kids are exposed to, the school campus has been a wonderful foundation for children to get social and sporting grounding year on year. Thanks to its wide range of facilities and exposure it provides the school has made it possible for children to make a healthy and prosperous transition to other well-known senior schools across the country. This vibrant school caters to the educational needs of children aged between two and thirteen. The friendly and informal approach of the school coupled with disciplinary methods ensures that each of its pupils is made to realize his/her potential in their chosen area of interest.

Abberley Hall School has for long been committed to encouraging its pupils to expand their horizon both on and off the classroom. And one of the reasons why this institution has succeeded in doing this is because of its excellent staff. The breeding ground that this school provides enables each student to think as an individual and find their unique talent whilst still finding time to make lifelong friendships and enjoy their childhood.

Furthermore, the school takes immense proud in its pupils. No wonder the school offers excellent infrastructure to enable kids to excel in areas related to academics, sports, drama, music, etc. Therefore, it is not surprising to see excellent results being churned out from this school each year. In fact, many scholarships have been issued to students based on their academic credentials over the past few years.

Another reason why Abberley Hall School is so popular amongst parents and children is because enjoyment and success go side-by-side here. The environment, both within and outside the school campus is very stimulating and is happy. Here, students are sure to thrive in their chosen area of interest. The supportive and dedicated staff at Abberley delivers academic education of the highest order.

Among different facilities that are available in the school campus is indoor swimming pool, netball/tennis courts, kayaks, climbing wall, fishing lake, etc. Pastoral care is another aspect with Abberley Hall School that needs special mention. Pastoral tutors are encouraged to talk to different children to enable them to express their individual concerns. This is considered important as this role established a kind of rapport between tutors and children. In most cases, each tutor is associated with a small bunch of kids who are required to meet at regular intervals to discuss their problems freely. The boarding facilities at the school are excellent too. The Housemaster and the Headmaster of the institution reside close by and are available for help when required by students.

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