Essential Educational Apps Students Need

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Educational apps have been integral to education over the last few years. They assist students, teachers, parents, and educational institutions achieve their education-based responsibilities efficiently.

These are the top learning apps students should use this year.


Evernote, a note-taking application that allows students to keep track of their notes, is an app that can be used by them. You can save web content, text, and images to organize your notes. To-do lists can be created and connected to Google Calendar to help you keep track of your schedule. The app’s customizable Home dashboard gives you quick access to all the relevant information.


Forest is an app that helps students stay on task and productive. When they are unable to concentrate on their tasks, users can plant a tree online. The app will allow you to focus on your tasks and the tree will grow. Once you quit the app, it will stop growing.


SparkNotes is a great app for students studying literature. You can access study guides for literature, poetry and films. To get started, you will need an in-app subscription. You will have access to all literature guides within the app as soon as the free trial begins. You can take interactive quizzes to test your knowledge on a majority of the titles within the app.

Write-On Video

Students can unleash their creative side with the write-on app. This app makes video editing easy and fun. You can create, edit, and storyboard videos with the app’s many features.


The Remind app allows students to connect with teachers and peers via a communication platform. It can be accessed anywhere, and users can stay connected in real-time. The app allows you to share learning content from any website and allow users to access other content.

Oxford Dictionary of English

A dictionary is an essential part of student life. The digital version is even more convenient for students who need quick access. The Oxford Dictionary of English app allows students to search for words, phrases, and meanings. Other features include audio pronunciations and translations.


Users can learn with flash cards using Quizlet app. You can make your own flashcards, share them with friends, or use flashcards made by others to learn. The Quizlet app allows students to master different subjects such as science, language, and history.


edX, an online learning platform for students, allows them to take courses at top universities in the United States for no cost. The certification does require payment. These courses cover a wide range of topics, but mainly science and technology. After watching the videos, you can take the quizzes. Interactive online labs are also available for programming subjects.

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533 points

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