Careers in Mass Communication

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What is meant by mass communication? Mass communication is an academic field of study where information is gathered by organizations or individuals and communicated to a large population with the help of mass media.

Mass media is the medium through which the information is conveyed namely television, newspapers, advertisements, radio, internet, magazines and cine films. A career in mass communication in extremely diverse and is one of the most sought after careers in modern times.

The primary objective of any mass communication program would be to integrate the digital, print and broadcasting communication, into an academic program. A student graduating out of a mass communication course can work in varied fields namely, advertising, research, news media, public relations, publishing houses, internet based companies etc.

Journalism forms a primary division of mass communication. Journalism by itself is pursued as a separate academic discipline. It can be divided into 2 namely the print media comprising of newspapers, journals and magazines and the electronic media involving television, radio and internet.

Advertising and public relations too is considered as a separate discipline by itself and one should possess extensive creativity to choose advertising as a career. Large multinational companies require highly creative and talented brain to work on their advertising strategy. Thus opportunities are plenty in this field.

The area of research is also open when it comes to mass communication. Research in this field primarily deals with quantitative and empirical research where public opinion, polls, statistical analysis, survey research etc is being carried on and based on these results, the larger population is presented with information as to what happened, present trends and future predictions.

Apart from the above options, one gets to work in the publishing houses as editors, copy editors and proof readers. Content development is also gaining extensive popularity among the new generation. Content developers are extensively required by web based companies and software companies where these writers present date in the form which is understandable by all. This option too requires creativity as any common man has to understand as to what is being stated. In the software side, where web presence is gaining popularity, technical writers understand the technical aspects and put them into simple understandable words. This too is emerging as a separate academic discipline.

While choosing a mass communication program in the United States, a student must ensure that the program is accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. In India, there are plenty of institutions offering courses in mass communication. Some of the famous institutions are Xavier Institute of Communication, MICA, Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication etc.

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