Best Typing Practice Apps To Enhance Your Typing Skills

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1. Typesy – Keyboarding Program and Typing tutor

Typesy is an interactive app that offers fun activities, games and courses to improve typing speed. It combines muscle memory, game mechanics and psychology to offer a research-based curriculum. It provides video instructions, helpful exercises, and entertainment games.

This typing tool is very efficient, saves time and has no advertisements. It only requires one-time subscriptions for home and business. Educational institutions and businesses may be eligible to receive substantial savings when the software is used at a higher level. Typesy provides teachers with full visibility and easy control. This tutorial tool lets you track student progress and create custom sessions.

2. Typing Fingers

This app encourages children to improve their keyboarding skills at an early age. It is an essential digital skill that is often neglected in education systems. This app shows how gamification can improve a basic skill by encouraging its users to win prizes and move up.

Each level will help you identify all the letters, numbers and symbols. Dennis will be there to help you with the initial phases of the level. He will guide you through the process and teach you how to use your fingers correctly.

3. Typing Master 10:

This software contains over ten hours worth of exercises that are tailored to your typing needs. This software is intended to help you become a professional keyboardist step by step. You will notice a significant improvement in your typing speed and a reduction in wasted time.

Each lesson covers one key and also includes stage process activities. These go beyond basic typing skills. To see how far your typing skills can go, play their fun typing games. The color-coded on-screen keyboard makes it easy to quickly understand key positions. It also supports QWERTY and QWERTZ keyboards.

4. Keyblaze Typing Tutor Software:

Keyblaze Typing Tutor software is a leading tutor software for touch typing, fast typing, and 10-key typing. Keyblaze’s typing tutorial software teaches you how to use the index, middle, or pinky fingers. Next, we will address the capitalization, punctuation and numbers.

Additional practice classes include poetry, prose and problem keys. There are also typing tests that can last up to 20 minutes. KeyBlaze can help you to learn how to type quickly and touch type. This program includes courses, exercises, as well as timed typing tests.

5. TypingClub:

TypingClub has a variety of engaging activities such as videos, games, and typing challenges that will encourage you to keep learning. TypingClub is one of the most intuitive typing programs available. TypingClub has been partnered by Google for Education.

TypingClub’s lesson plan includes 600 lessons that cover individual keys, numbers, punctuation, and a target speed of 75 WPM. These lessons include instructional games, training videos, cross-curricular information and other interactive content.

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