Best Toddler Apps for Kids [iOS & Android]

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Studies in pedagogy have shown that children learn best when they are young.

Parents must create a safe, stimulating environment for their toddlers’ curiosity. This will help them develop motor skills, cognitive skills and communication skills. It will also build a solid foundation for their IQ, EQ, and social skills.

1. ABC Mouse

This app is great for toddlers and has many activities that teach reading, math, science, art, and colours.

The app can be downloaded to smartphones, tablets, and computers for quick access from anywhere.

The device has a progress tracking function that allows parents and children to monitor their child’s learning. It displays the progress in simple-to-understand graphs.

Children earn tickets and rewards for completing activities successfully. The app offers learning activities, an interactive zoo, and an interactive farm. There is also an aquarium that allows kids to interact with the animals.

It encourages creativity and communication.

2. PBS Kids

PBS Kids will keep your child entertained with videos, shows and plays.

This app is more than entertainment and fun. It also offers fun learning activities, crafts, and experiments to encourage learning.

These hands-on activities are centred around literacy, science, math, art, and science.

You can also find activities to help you develop social skills, emotional awareness, self-awareness, and other abilities.

Parents can also access the app. This section provides resources parents can use to support their children’s learning. Experts can also discuss various issues and offer tips on different concepts.

3. Monkey Preschool

Thup Games designed and released the Monkey Preschool Lunchbox. It features a series of animation and fun games that teach children about colours, shapes, and letters. You can also find puzzles and spot-the-difference games in the app. Your child will be entertained by an animated monkey as he/she solves puzzles or plays games. Based on their progress, they earn animated stickers.

4. Space vehicles

This app will satisfy your child’s curiosity about space and the vehicles that are there. The app’s kid-friendly gameplay features vibrant animations and engaging graphics that will grab children’s attention. Children can play with five astro vehicles, including a rocket launching system, module transporter, rock and driller robot, moon rover, and Mars rover.

5. Fish School

The Fish School is an app for early learning that teaches numbers and shapes in a fun way.

The activities are all set in an underwater setting, making them even more fascinating.

These educational activities include identifying matches and finding differences.

Khan Academy has a subsidiary called The Fish School. It was awarded the Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award of Excellence in Design and Parents’ Choice Gold Award.

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