Best Spanish Learning Apps For Students

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Some people struggle to understand the meaning of books, and not all can read, write and speak the language fluently. Despite their extra effort in learning Spanish, the results aren’t always positive.

The many Spanish learning apps today make learning Spanish not as difficult as it used to be. These apps allow you to learn at your speed and offer plenty of learning resources and extra support from native speakers.

Best Spanish Learning Apps

This is a list with the top Spanish learning apps:

Gus on the Move

Gus on The Go is recommended for children between 2-5 years old. It’s a great way to get children started in learning the language early. Students can learn Spanish words with the app.

Gus, Gus the friendly owl who helps learners learn language, is featured in Gus on Go. Basic topics are covered, including colors, numbers and animals. The students are also able to play a vocabulary game at the end of each lesson to help them remember what they’ve learned.

Gus on the Go Stories

Gus is back, but this time in a new version. To teach Spanish to young children, the app uses sentences and contexts from some of the most popular classic stories, such as fairy tales and fables.

There are three options available for each story: introduction to basic phrases, quiz to help them practice their words and text in story format. The app helps students improve their Spanish listening and reading skills. Two stories are available for free; the rest require payment.


Preschool-Spanish is, as the name implies, a Spanish learning app that’s suitable for pre-schoolers. It covers all topics required for preschool.

This app includes a range of categories that include alphabets and numbers as well as shapes, fruits, and vegetables. Each category is packed with activities to help children improve their vocabulary and learn the language. Interactive quizzes, drawing shapes and connecting numbers are just a few of the many activities included in the app.

Spanish for kids

The Learn Spanish for Children app is another great tool for children to learn Spanish. This app includes many learning resources that will help them master the basics of Spanish quickly.

The Learn Spanish for Children app includes videos, games, and study materials that conform to the requirements of early learning. Spanish lessons take 7-10 minutes. The videos and images are colorful and fun to make learning easy for children. They learn new vocabulary words and phrases and are able to expand their understanding.

Fun Spanish with Studycat

Studycat’s fun Spanish app teaches Spanish to children through games. Through the use of games, the app ensures that learners can fluently learn Spanish through listening, reading, spelling, and pronunciation.

The app can be subcategorized into themes-based topics that are then further subcategorized into lessons. The app introduces children to basic Spanish words and helps them build vocabulary, make simple sentences, and correctly pronounce the words. The app features Spanish voices that speak the words in different tones or expressions. This would make it easier for learners to correctly pronounce the words.

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