Best Coding Apps For Primary School Students

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Coding is an integral part of digital transformation. Therefore, it is something that every person should be able to do in the future. Many IT jobs require basic coding skills.

Schools and parents have encouraged students to learn coding at school. There has been an increase in the number and quality of coding apps on the market.

Why Coding Apps?

Convenience is the first reason. The apps can be accessed easily from your mobile device.

Another reason is that, while traditional methods of learning to code only teach the concepts, apps that involve puzzles, riddles and games allow learners to acquire soft skills like patience, problem-solving, and so on. Along with programming.

Coding isn’t just for college and high school students. Students as young as 3 years old can use coding apps.

The Best Coding Apps For Primary School Students

You can find many coding apps suitable for your age and level of knowledge. This is a list listing the top coding apps that are best for elementary school students.


Kodable, a game-based coding application for children aged 4 to 10, is a very popular app. FuzzFamily is a group of multi-coloured pompom-ball-like characters that end up on Smeeborg, a planet filled with mazes. The fuzzFamily allows learners to navigate the mazes using drag-and-drop commands. They also learn the essential concepts of coding as they play.

Kodable helps students learn Javascript coding through various games and activities that are based on their age. They can learn programming through fifth grade and also develop soft skills like problem solving, communication, and critical thinking.

Code Karts

Code Karts is an app that teaches children how to code. It features racing cars for children aged 3 to 5. The app has a series of puzzles that take the form of a racetrack, with drag-and drop code and colourful racecars. Drag and drop direction bricks can be used to direct their cars to the finish. You can also race other cars in the racing mode.

Code Karts offers over 70 levels of puzzles. Free of charge are the first 10 levels that require colour matching puzzles. The rest of the levels, which are more difficult and require more knowledge in coding, can be purchased for $1.99.

Scratch Jr.

Scratch Jr., a coding app designed for students from KG to 2nd grade (5 to 7 years) This app is different than its predecessors, where users can learn code while playing games. Scratch Jr allows users to create interactive stories and games using drag-and drop code. Scratch Jr. lets users explore their creativity through solving problems and creating projects.

The app allows users to program semi-customizable characters that can move, jump and dance. You can modify the characters using paint editor, insert photos or add sounds, as well as animated them with programming blocks.


Osmo coding app can be used by students from KG to 5th grade (5 to 10 years). This app helps users learn how to code with physical blocks. Osmo makes coding tangible and accessible for everyone by using these physical blocks. Osmo is a bundle that includes coding apps and many other games.

In Osmo Coding Awbie ( ), learners use bricks marked with commands, arrows, numbers, and loops to create scripts for guiding Awbie, a cute monster, through different challenges and earning rewards, such as strawberries.

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