Best Apps For Students With Learning Disabilities

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Many students, especially those new to the field, have difficulty understanding and learning concepts and improving their skills. It is more difficult for students with special needs, particularly those with learning disabilities, to understand and learn.

Apps to Help with Learning Difficulties

Learning difficulties are not uncommon. Students have many options to overcome learning difficulties and still learn. These days, many education providers are more inclusive. Learning with the aid of technology is another popular and efficient option.

Many special education apps are available to help students with special needs learn without any difficulties. Many apps can be used to help students with multiple special education needs. Others are tailored for one specific type of need. These apps are great because students can learn at their own pace.

Writing and Reading Apps

Writing Wizard for Kids

The Writing Wizard app is designed for children who have difficulty writing with their hands. This app makes writing fun and easy for children. It has many features that are suitable for beginners. The app has 13 fonts, worksheets and interactive games that make it fun. It helps children learn about numbers and shapes. The app can be customized to meet the needs of the users. You can download the free app from Google Play Store or pay for the paid version from the Apple App Store.

Reading Machine

Reading Machine app is suitable for children with dyslexia and other difficulties learning to read. Children with dyslexia may struggle to understand unfamiliar sentence structures or complex words. With text-to-speech and phonics support as well as dictionary features, the app aids readers in understanding what they are reading.

Reading Machine app contains more than 125 books, including some for beginners. It also provides reading lists for children according to their age and skills. You can find the app in the App Store.

Rainbow Sentences

Rainbow Sentences is a tool that helps children with difficulty forming sentences. Rainbow Sentences app has features such as color-coded words and text-to-speech. It also includes picture-based sentence lessons that can help children construct English sentences in a way that they understand. Children can also record and play back their reading to improve their comprehension. Rainbow Sentences is available on the App Store.

Math Learning App


ModMath helps dyslexic and dysgraphia children learn math. This app is a tool that allows children to solve math problems in a more intuitive way than traditional learning methods. ModMath offers a simple-to-use digital graph paper and a custom keypad that allows children to create equations. The app allows children to share their work with teachers.

Although the app is free from the App Store, some features in-app require payment.

Todo Math

Math concepts are difficult for many students. It is even more challenging for those with learning disabilities. Todo Math app has visual elements that help students to connect objects and numbers.

The app allows users to see a number. The screen displays the visualized version of the number they can touch. They can trace the number on another side of the screen. This will allow them to see how the number looks and the value of the number.

Language Development

MyTalkTools Mobile

MyTalkTools is an app for augmentative alternative communication (AAC), that can be used by children with communication difficulties. It is suitable for children with Cerebral Palsy and Down syndrome as well as hearing or visual impairments, autism, and other communication difficulties.

MyTalkTools lets users express themselves through a series of sounds, images, words, text, and text. The app can be customized to show only specific images or play the sounds that they prefer. This helps children communicate more effectively.

You can download the app for free from both Google Play Store and App Store.

Avaz AAC

Avaz AAC, one of the most popular speech apps, features a dictionary and many voice clips to assist students with speech difficulties. The app includes Symbolstix images that can be customized for all ages.

Avaz AAC App has an alert button that allows children to notify you if they require your full attention. You can also tell them if they make mistakes. The app also includes a training module that allows new users to get used to the app quickly and easily.

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