An Overview of prestigious London School of Economics

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If you are looking to specialist in social sciences then look no further than LSE as it has a reputation has being one of the best universities in the UK imparting this education to students world over. The university campus of LSE also houses the world’s largest social sciences library. As per the last count, there are as many as 8,000 students enrolled in different colleges that are affiliated to LSE. Nearly half of this student population comprise of postgraduates. Interestingly, one-third of the student population come from the UK while the rest belong to other countries around the globe. The university thus has the unique distinction of being the only one of its kind that has the huge percentage of foreign student enrolled in its rolls.

Students of London School of Economics and Political Science are known to be very determined and are academically inclined. The fact that its library has one of the highest book borrowing rates; nearly four times the national average, indicates the above fact. Most of the graduates passing out of LSE end up getting good jobs that attract top salaries.

Being located in the heart of London city, LSE is easily assessable. In fact, the university campus is located very close to King’s College London. Interestingly, the close proximity between the two universities has ensured there is a healthy rivalry between them and this has been going on for some time now. Other interesting places that are located close by include Bloomsbury, the river and the West End.

A full-time undergraduate course at London School of Economics and Political Science attracts a fee of £3,290. This is applicable for the academic year 2010-11.

Students from the United Kingdom or European Union are entitled to receive bursaries up to £2,500 per year provided their family income is very low. There are bursaries available for students coming from other income levels groups as well. But this is applicable to those students that are receiving partial grants. Scholarships are also available to students belonging to the EU, UK and foreign students.

LSE is well known for the facilities that it extends to its students and the staff alike. In addition a great library that is present in the university campus, London School of Economics and Political Science has other great learning resources. The active student union of LSE attracts not just students but also non-students. This is, in fact, a nice compliment provided you don’t mind them taking up the space that is otherwise reserved to students exclusively.

A new academic building was opened in November 2008 in the university campus. This new building has eight floors that houses state-of-the-art lecture and teaching rooms.

As much as 41% of student community in LSE are offered residential facilities. This includes all first-year undergraduate students that are guaranteed these facilities. Accommodation facilities are also extended to other places in central London. However, these facilities are provided at different prices and contract periods.

All the roads from LSE lead to London. In addition to this, most of the flight paths and train tracks are directed towards the capital. Once the city limits start, commuters can look to travel in Tube, rail and bus. People preferring to use cycles or walk around the place are also welcomed here.

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