Ace Your Exams – 4 Tips That Will Help You Perform Well (Even In The Craziness Of 2020)

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Exams have never been fun, but in the craziness of 2020, you’ll easily be forgiven for being a little more stressed than usual. Although everything feels inside-out and upside-down at the moment, that doesn’t mean you have to let your academic endeavors slip. Allowances will be made for the way in which you’re currently having to learn, and if you do your best, and follow these tips, there’s no reason why you can’t still pass with flying colours. 

Get Help

With remote learning becoming the norm and a whole host of stress-inducing news floating around, it can be easy to get distracted and let your studies fall to the side. While this is completely understandable, you need to stay on track if you want the best possible results, so enlisting the help of some online tutors is a good idea. They’ll help you keep things structured, and since they’re specialists in their tutoring area, they’ll also give you an advantage going into your exams. 

Use What You Have

The upside to online learning is that it’s far easier to have multiple resources at your fingertips. Ask your teacher for links to materials that will be beneficial and store these in a knowledge bank alongside what you’ve come up with from your own research. 

Cross-referencing will become far easier, and if you’re doing a subject where you need to quote and reference, it’s a lot simpler to be able to copy and paste. Online referencing tools are also a great help if you’re not sure how to structure your bibliography. Being able to just flick between tabs rather than having to go through multiple books will make the process far more efficient. 

Practice Self Care

While studying is important, self care is even more crucial, not only for your health but also your success during these strange times. Making sure that you set aside at least an hour a week to do something you enjoy can greatly increase the results you will see in other aspects of your life. It doesn’t matter whether this is reading a book, having a mini home spa day or beating monsters on your favourite video game, as long as you find the activity relaxing, it will improve your general wellbeing and ability to study efficiently. 

Find Different Ways To Study

Everybody’s brain works differently when it comes to absorbing information, but the one universal truth is that the more we do something, the better we get at it. Repetition is a great tactic for retaining knowledge, no matter what your preferred learning style is. However, it can get desperately boring, which tends to make our brains cry out for more stimulating activities. By finding new and playful ways to cover the same material, you’ll trick your brain into enjoying the repetition (or at least get it on-board with hating it less).

2020 has been a pretty odd year, and it certainly isn’t great that you’re having to deal with everything that’s going on around you while also trying to ace your exams. These tips won’t magically melt your stress; nor will they make top grades fall magically into your lap, but they will help you perform well, even in all this craziness. Do your best, cut yourself some slack, and hit the books. This too shall pass, and we’re sure you’ll come out the other side just fine.

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