8 Reasons You Shouldn’t Study To Be An Architect

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  • It should also be mentioned for anyone who really thinks they are serious about architecture and has spent their college years doing maths and physics to prepare, you will struggle to get into a School of Architecture!! Probably. I think the key point here is that the majority of degree programmes are BAs, BScs might be different.BA Architecture is more like contemporary art in it’s thinking. Fair warning to anyone thinking of employing an architect – I have a degree in Architecture and still don’t know how buildings stand up! I really hope we learn that in Part 2, else any structural engineers working with me are going to have a massive headache.
  • Marion BrownSorry about the three posts as the previous ones contained mistakes. I studied architecture many years ago and it doesn’t sound as if things have improved at all. It’s not a healthy course to take. I don’t even like using the word “study” as I don’t actually think it involves much studying. I said to a tutor (after I had just completed 4 years of an architecture course) that I still knew next to nothing about building construction and felt I needed a stint on a building site. He said, “that’s a great idea, why don’t you do that?” These people defy belief. Get your degree and do something else – like training to be a ceramic tiler or comedian/writer. In my experience architecture courses are just for keeping nasty losers in jobs.
  • CatonGreat post. What your saying is true.. You should only study to become an architect if it is your passion..if this REALLY is what you want. Im an architecture student and love architecture, flaws and all.
  • M Mcguinness99where will it lead you though, you heard him, architecture is a struggle. It is not beter do do somthing easier and reach the peak in your career earilier?
  • AnonymousThe last thing any student dedicated wants is to hear the story of how you threw all your work, which was then eaten by your dog. Being a student of architecture is difficult enough without the distractions of the idiot in the classroom
  • Yasmin BookerI think you’re being pretty negative about it to be honest, all occupations have their ups and downs. And quite frankly, you come across very rude and demeaning about the people around you, no wonder you don’t enjoy it!
  • Emi’m in my last year of part 2 and still don’t know how a building stands up… that’s an riba accredited well regarded architecture school for you… what a joke. oh well. even on the poor pay this summer and on my year in industry, knowing i will be on s*** pay for years to come, i still wouldn’t go back and do something else if i could.  i love it what can i say.  as for the job situ, even tho the money has been shite  i have still managed to get jobs. in fact got offered one the other week through word of mouth because i have proved myself in the short time i’ve worked, so i’d say to all grads struggling to get a job, persevere because the first one is the hardest, after that with your first good reference to back you up it becomes easier.  architecture needs a massive overhaul, in fact i am writing an essay on it now-that’s what they are teaching us now btw, how messed up and badly paid our profession is.  how architecture as a profession in the west is dead.  they say better later than never, but really, in my 6th year commited to architecture? so i don’t think it’s bad when people are writing negativeley about becoming an architect in the western world, i think they are doing prospective students a favour, because at the end of the day, if you can’t read all the bad stuff and carry on because you’re not in it for the money, then it would probably be wise to do something else.
  • A bcLearn how to use apostrophes.
  • M Mcguinness99omg…thanks…i don’t think i’ll be doing architecture now, even though i really wanted to do it and have some work experience in february. I’m in yr12
  • Efewfdon’t take the decision lightly, not likely
  • Nanu_nana“architecture is a passionate industry, full of dedicated individuals with drive and ambition”, I’m studying architecture because I love it, and yeah I love to work late night. And somehow you become a loner because of those Models you should make and most of it took a lot of time. Think twice before you made your decision. And I think this Post is very helpful.
  • KyleThese tips are full of generalisations, exaggerations, ego-stroking and some outright lies. I am not even sure -how- you can think that debt is something every student will have. And why is student debt a reason to not study architecture in particular? It applies to -every- degree if you’re taking out loans for pay.Any potential students reading this: Don’t let authors like this one try to bring you down. Study what you want to, for your own reasons. 
  • Eimear KilgarriffYou have to study architecture to know. You obviously haven’t! It’s not your garden variety degree, it’s a studio based exercise in demoralization, working like a dog in vain, hopelessness and sleeplessness.
    I studied what I wanted, for my own reasons. It was architecture, and I truly regret it now. I can work for free, or find a completely different profession after years of slogging it! 
    I don’t see any lies here Kyle
  • Tom masonWhat a badly written and patronising pile of shite! There are a couple of relevant points to get out of this:
    a) Architects are badly paid (relatively)
    b) You will be in debt to a much greater degree than other students.
    c) You work longer hours than other students and constantly do ‘all-nighters’.
    The other points I think are more a reflection of the person writing this and not of studying architecture as a whole. I went to a good school and worked very hard – we also played very hard and by saying we, i mean the majority of my year and the years above and below me…
  • Lakesxxxwow someone obvs got out of bed on the wrong side today! really most of these apply for nearly all degrees , of course u are going to getting rubbish  professors, you learn to adapt and sometimes teach yourself.btw you forgot no 9 : negative dull people like yourself! 

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